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All tomahawks are hand-forged from premium quality materials. I use ball peen hammers, 4140 alloy steel and 5160 spring steel. Ball peen tomahawks are forged from American made Vaughan ball peen hammers - I do not use cheap imported hammers. I also use 4140 and 5160 because they are tough, wear resistant, steel that will stand up to heavy use. 5160 is most commonly used as leaf springs and coil springs in cars, trucks and heavy machinery. 4140 is also a tough alloy that is commonly used in transmission shafts, industrial grade dies and dies for rolling steel mills.

Unless otherwise specified, I differentially heat treat all of my tomahawks and temper to HRC 52-53. I can make them harder if requested. I also give them a convex grind for optimal performance and toughness.

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